Brown Box Organics is your locally owned and operated delivery service.

Real. Good. Food. It’s our Passion!

Our passion for organic food began in 2001 when we were invited out to a friend’s organic farm. Our knowledge of farming practices and the impact on personal health and environment were non-existent. After visiting the farm we became excited about fresh food and signed up for their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We began receiving regular deliveries of boxes and quickly discovered how amazing fresh organic food tasted. Not long after that we began working for the farm and delivery company part time. We were sincerely surprised how different organic food was and how much simply adding organic produce into our diet had completely changed our overall health for the good. We discovered that real food can be life changing!

A few months later we planned to move to Northern California for college. We started researching our local organic options in the city we were planning to move to expecting to find many resources. We were disappointed. There were existing farms but no convenient way to distribute fresh food to busy families like ours. When we arrived in Redding we founded Country organics ( and set out to find people like us who valued fresh organic food delivered to their doorstep. Rachel made our first deliveries with our ten month old baby in tow. Country Organics grew and was passed on in 2006 to the Edmonson family who were customers at the time.

After graduation it was time to head back to Jims home state, Idaho. We moved back to this wonderful state to raise our family with the hope we could make a difference in the lives of people living in Treasure Valley. We brought with us a passion for organic food. Love of organic food coupled with experience in the organic industry lead us to open Brown Box Organics in 2006. Today Rachel continues to enjoy the opportunity to serve our community and her own family really good food. We have loved delivering the most healthful and safe food to our customers for the past ten years!

Thank you for supporting our local business and the many local farms and food artisans we represent!

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